Private Client

Richard N. Chassin is Chair of the Litigation Department of Becker, Glynn, Muffly, Chassin & Hosinski LLP.

For over 25 years, Mr. Chassin’s practice has focused on providing strategic advice to international and domestic clients confronting complex commercial, corporate, shareholder, and intra-family conflicts in a broad array of businesses, including financial services, insurance, construction, real estate, mining, pharmaceuticals, energy, technology, lodging, health & fitness, and manufacturing and service industries.

Mr. Chassin concentrates on litigating, at trial and on appeal, complex civil disputes in various state and federal courts and in mediations and arbitrations around the world. His recent experience includes the notable defense of a series of insurance class actions on behalf of a major European insurer, including a favorable jury verdict in a federal district court and on appeal; in connection with the successful defense of an Australian securities fraud case, the successful prosecution of claims, in New York and Australia, against a British insurance syndicate for breaches of obligations under a directors’ and officers’ insurance policy; providing pre-litigation strategic advice to facilitate acquisitions of contested interests in a major office tower complex; and the successful defense of shareholder and derivative actions, at trial and on appeal, in state courts.

As counsel to multinational enterprises and their boards of directors, Mr. Chassin is regularly engaged to provide strategic advisory services, negotiate the resolution of disputes, and manage lawsuits pending in multiple jurisdictions.

For private clients, he is often asked to serve as trustee of family trusts and to provide organizational and operational advice to family offices and their operating companies and portfolio investments. Mr. Chassin also has served as an arbitrator of complex commercial disputes.

A collector of contemporary art, Mr. Chassin also advises artists and art collectors.



  • Prosecution in federal court of claims on behalf of the U.S. subsidiary of a major European petroleum conglomerate against a competitor for misappropriation of trade secrets, including obtaining preliminary and permanent injunctions.
  • Defense of RICO and fraud claims in federal court on behalf of German energy companies, including obtaining judgment (JNOV) overturning an adverse jury verdict.
  • Prosecution, on behalf of a Swiss group, of securities fraud claims in arbitration against a major U.S. financial institution resulting in a multi-million dollar award.
  • Defeating in state court and on appeal mortgagee’s efforts to seize by ex parte injunction hotel resort property and casualty insurance proceeds.
  • Prosecution of contract claims in arbitration against a European petroleum producer resulting in a favorable settlement.
  • Arbitration against a Chinese technology company resulting in a favorable settlement.
  • Settlement of federal antitrust claims for the benefit of European drug manufacturer against vitamin cartel in price-fixing class action.
  • Defense in New York courts of domestic corporations against derivative and contract claims asserted by a putative shareholders resulting in reversal on appeal of an adverse trial court judgment.
  • Defense of a series of class action contract, fraud, punitive damage, and civil rights claims asserted by thousands of policyholders against a European financial services enterprise leading to a favorable jury verdict in a federal district court and affirmance on appeal.
  • Defense in state court of a putative class actions against a U.S. publicly-traded company.
  • Defense in federal court of Dutch group against contract, joint venture, and discrimination claims resulting in a successful jury verdict.
  • In connection with the successful defense of an Australian securities fraud case, prosecution of claims against a British insurance syndicate in state court and in Sydney, Australia, for breach of directors’ and officers’ insurance policy resulting in a favorable settlement after mediation.
  • Avoiding litigation by negotiating resolutions of complex disputes between major property owners and their lenders.
  • Avoiding litigation by representing a major property owner to resolve a complex dispute to block a tenant’s effort to exercise alleged expansion rights to connect to an adjacent office building owned by a different party.
  • Defense of preference and fraudulent transfer proceedings in various bankruptcy courts and on appeal.
  • Prosecution of breach of contract claims on behalf of a French-American oil refining and trading joint venture against a major British oil company leading to a multi-million dollar settlement.
  • Representation of oil trading and energy companies in Chapter 11, including joint venture of French conglomerate and U.S. refining operation.
  • Prosecution of violations of the automatic stay on behalf of a Debtor against an oil trading company in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and on an appeal to a federal district court and further appeal to a court of appeals, resulting in successful enforcement of the stay.
  • Internal investigations of corporate fraud allegations.