Hedge Funds and Private Equity Litigation

The Litigation Group represents hedge funds of all types, asset managers, hedge fund managers, and hedge fund investors, as well as private equity and other funds in litigations, arbitrations, and bankruptcies throughout the United States.  We counsel funds and fund managers on their fiduciary and disclosure obligations; defend them in contract, fiduciary and other disputes; and prosecute claims on their behalf, including against leading financial institutions.  We work regularly with our corporate attorneys specializing in Investment Fund work to ensure maximum efficiency.

Examples of our recent cases include:

  • We are defending several hedge funds in the Lyondell and Tribune fraudulent transfer multidistrict litigations.
  • We are advising a hedge fund in connection with prosecuting claims of breach of fiduciary duty against another fund in which it invested.
  • We defended a credit derivative products company against breach of contract claims brought by a counterparty investment bank, obtaining dismissal of several claims, which led to a business resolution and the bank’s withdrawal of the remaining claim, and advised our client’s hedge fund parent in connection with related potential fiduciary claims.
  • We advised a hedge fund in connection with its potential prosecution of claims based on a Ponzi scheme and in connection with related investor disclosure obligations.
  • We defeated securities fraud claims brought against a hedge fund in Australia.
  • We advised an asset management company with respect to potential claims against a fund in which it invested.
  • We advised a Japanese bank concerning its obligations as a counterparty to forward-sale agreements with various hedge funds in connection with terminations of those agreements resulting from the Lehman bankruptcy.