Mergers and Acquisitions

Since its inception over 40 years ago, Becker Glynn has represented both buyers and sellers in merger and acquisition transactions. These transactions have varied in size from less than $10 Million to more than $1 Billion, and have included domestic deals involving U.S. parties and a large number of cross-border transactions (including those in which a U.S. entity is part of a much larger multi-jurisdictional transaction).

Our M&A experience includes asset purchases, mergers/reorganizations and stock purchases across a wide variety of industries, including (in recent years) agribusiness, construction services companies, financial services companies, manufacturing and distribution facilities in a number of different industries, pharmaceutical companies, mining interests, coal mining and vertically-integrated coal industries, and steel service centers. We are skilled at providing advice within the context of an M&A transaction across a wide range of practice areas, including employment, real estate, and tax.

Areas in which we have extensive experience:

  • Allocation of corporate control among diverse stockholders
  • Atypical capitalization and financing devices
  • Unusual issues of taxation
  • Due diligence/protections against liabilities
  • Employment contracts of key officers
  • Technology licenses
  • Negotiations of effective contract provisions
  • Management equity participation plans